Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lok Satta - Campaigning !

My pal who is canvassing for Lok Satta elaborates:
Lok Satta founded by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan as an NGO which successfully brought in various electoral reforms and helped in the creation of other important laws like RTI. Now it has turned into a political party and it is planning to contest all the assembly seats in AP. It has recently opened branches in Karnataka and Maharashtra.


Lok Satta agenda briefly:

About Dr. JP:

One of the best speeches. Given at Mumbai University Must listen: (part 1) listen to part2 and part 3 for sure.

I was totally amazed by JP's speech last year when I saw this video. Tell you what, you must read their FAQs as well.


Anonymous said...

I guess it is time Indian youth start actively talking about Politics and make the right choices. Lok Satta is definitely one party which needs all the support. The ideas of Dr. JP are truly transformational.

praneeth said...

hey I made a ppt on why one should vote for loksatta

The idea is to spread it virally in blogs, and explain voters(netizens) the main difference between Loksatta and other parties in a innovative way with a fictional char Subba Rao

See the PPT from below link and let me know your thoughts and plz help in spreading it among u r friends