Monday, March 9, 2009

Small Steps - Polythene Free Initiative

At the Auroville Marathon last February all the participants were given a small pouch. It was a nice bag packaged into a small portable pouch. The idea was from folks at Upasana in Auroville who are promoting a polythene free shopping (or for that fact polythene-less lives) !

I liked their concept of packaging and carrying this wonderful bag which is part of their "small steps" initiative.

You can order for these bags online or by mailing them.

Small steps website:
Email them at : Small Steps

They also have ambassadors in many cities from whom you can get these bags. Check out their website for more details.

The idea is that you "gift" these bags and not sell them ! They have both shoulder-style or backpack style. Do support their initiatives.

Tsunamika and Varanasi Weavers are other projects that are part of Upasana !

Website for Upasana:


Anonymous said...

Is anyone ordering backpack types? I want to order some. But don't wanna do it individually (considering the footprints due to shipping).

Anonymous said...

As such folding cloth bags are no new concept, I remember my mom used to have some. But now a days you don't find them everywhere :(

Balu said...

There are some ambassadors who have these bags pre-shipped in bulk .. I can ask them if you want.

How many do you need ?