Friday, May 15, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate ! After considerable dilly dallying finally I had my first match with Ultimate Frisbee Bangalore folks. After great swim on Wednesday night getting up on Thursday early morning is a battle. Reached police grounds near cubbon road by 6.15AM and caught up with Naani.

Naani took all the fresher/intro lessons and vroom we settled as teams. By 7AM almost 12 of us were ready to hit the field. I was slowly getting the knack of things and I guess it will take me at least 5-6 matches before I get in the groove.

This sport requires really fast running skills. You'll really start appreciating Rugby and American Football once you start playing Ultimate. Keeping aside the violent streak away from Rugby and American Football, I guess Ultimate is an ultra cool and testing sport. Once you understand and get the feel of Frisbee then all that you have to do is play clever dodging with your defender. Its a wonderful test for endurance as well.

This is a very cool group and you need to be on your toes every time. Check them out in Yahoo Groups:

They generally meet up every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday near Police Grounds, Cubbon Road, Bangalore !

Catch you there on Thursday mornings ! Time out for now !

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