Friday, May 29, 2009

My Maggi

The word Maggi takes me back some 20 years when Maggi noodles was almost my staple diet.

It was/is called "Maggi 2 minutes noodle". What fascinated me as a kid towards Maggi was that it was "yummy" when served hot alongside that ketchup. The very idea of taking in those long noodle stripes made it all the more exciting for breakfast.

But the thing that got me totally into Maggi was the Maggi club. Right behind the noodle packet there was a small note that encouraged kids like me to join the Maggi club. All that one had to do was to collect 5 Maggi packets and cut into the shape as shown below and mail it to their address.

In return they used send us amazing gifts and membership cards. Maggi only knows, but as years progressed I had amassed a few dozen cards, each had a small variation of my name. Like Uncle Pai for Tinkle comics, we had Doodle Dee for Maggi.

The sheer number of letters and goodies I used to get from Maggi made my postman very envious. My grandfather actually started calling me "Maggi Balasubramanian". Believe me until the age of 20 I used to get these goodies. Maggie birdhouse and jigsaw puzzle were some priced possessions and among my peers I was an avid collector of Maggi packets and goodies. There have been times when I used to get Maggi packets from my grandmother's place, neighbours, local trash and wherever I could get my hands on. Coming from a strict vegetarian family getting home an empty Maggi Chicken packet was a taboo. But I had to smuggle it in order to post those empty packets in exchange for those goodies.

Maggi was a rage during my early teens. Today Maggi is an emergency and pro-lazy man's food. All it requires is two minutes and that secretive Masala. When you are hungry and in no mood to go out or cook then Maggi is the best bet. This one item you'd find in almost every Indian household. Nowadays you'll find Maggi in various forms, from Atta noodles to Cup noodles but the taste remains the same. Mothers loved it as it was easy on them and they could customize it my adding loads and loads of vegetables to make sure their kids got all the nutrient intake.

This post is dedicated to Maggi and all you Maggi lovers out there. So have you eaten Maggi off late ?


Anandhi said...

hey maggi subramanian
refreshed with past memories way back 20 yrs. u would collect the 4 wheelers which r still in our home.
u would play burrrrrrrr
it will be carried to the next generation.
luv mom

Anandhi said...

hai naina
i still remember u collecting maggi wrappers. u would wait for exchanging for those cute little cars.going all the way to the maggi distributor .
luv dad

Anjana R said...

somehow, i never liked maggi. could tolerate top ramen. :)

Vandana said...

Do minute ruk sakte hain sar ke bal reh sakte hain ... kyunkiii ... badi gazab ki bhook lagi...maggi chahiye mujhe abhi...ummm maggi noodles

Yep Maggi rocks...anytime!!! I still remember those weekend home visits in Hyd when the first thing I used to do after reaching home was cook maggi and my little niece used to be ready with her small plate and share maggi with me :) Undoubtedly, maggi is the favorite, quick to make, delicious food for all :)

Balu said...

Thanks Mom and Dad !

Yeah Top Ramen also made a decent start. It was much thinner than Maggi..

Good stuff.. revisiting those ads !

rajitha said...

I'm a fan of Top Ramen, I prefer this to maggi, as maggi is more starchy....!