Thursday, February 12, 2009


Kandisa is an amazing masterpiece from the bang Indian Ocean.

"Bandeh" from Black Friday was an amazing song from Indian Ocean.

Checkout some music clips from their official website:

So what is Kandisa ?

Kandisa is an ancient prayer in Aramaic. The literal translation of this word may be Holy/ Holy Praise / Divine Praise. This prayer is chanted even to this day in the Syriac Orthodox Church. The Band Indian Ocean (band) has an album and track named Kandisa.

Kandisa Aalaha, Kandisa Esana,
Aalam, Aalam, Aalam.
Aamen, Aamen, Aamen.
Sliha mar Yosef, Almadbaha Kudisaha,
Angene Dhanusa, Nyahave Dukharana.
Kandisa Aalaha, Kandisa Esana,
Kandisa la mayo sa, Ezraha ma 'layn.

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Also a youtube adaptation of this song below:


Mad angel said...

I really liked your review on SKK. I work for DH Bangalore, and am planning to review them soon for my paper. Any special comments abt them?

Balu said...

@Mad Angel:
Thanks for dropping by.
Lunch is typically meals time. Tehy have really cool onion rava masala and some unusuals for tiffins in the night. Weekend lunch is something you should try !

Bon Appetite !

Mad angel said...

Thanks, I actually wanted to know if I could republish your quote in the review of SKK verbatim. especially the one where u describe the meals. its really difficult to keep logging on your blog checking reply for your comment. can u possibly drop in an email-

Mad angel said...

are u a tamilian? how authentic do u think the food really is ?