Monday, February 23, 2009

Delhi - 6

This is how we all are. Mob violence, religious intolerance, blind worship, fanaticism, superstition, caste based ostracization, violent yet love each other. Thats quite a weird amalgamation of idiosyncrasy.

I've lived in small bylanes in small town and with Delhi-6 you can identify yourself with any bustling Indian city or small town. The small social groups that you form discussing life and politics at the same time going through your chores.

The background score is amazing and the first 20 minutes are the best I've seen in the recent past. Any comeback-home movie(like Swades) gets me hooked in.

Watch it for sure ! But don't nag if you don't like it. We are like this only.

Official movie website:

Trailer below:

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Anonymous said...

i liked it too! really don't know why most of the reviewers trashed it!