Sunday, November 2, 2008

Preparation Right on Track for Ultra

The preparation for Ultra has been right on track and the leg has been responding good as well. Did a decent a 18K in 2 hours alongside Pratibha at Cubbon this Saturday. She was the only one who turned up for the Asha run and I guess she was planning 23-25K for the day. Four loops at Cubbon and I was feeling good.

Today did an 8K at the RFL run at Bellandur. Feeling good and hope to do another 10-15K at Hyd next weekend and I'll be all set for 25K at the Ultra on 16 Nov, 2008. Meanwhile the Asha funds have started to come in again. Thanks for all of you who have been encouraging me with your funds for Asha.

So its nice to be back to running and feeling good after a 25K weekend. Will taper the rest of the day. Until then keep miling !

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