Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Year and 1000+ KMs of Running

It was exactly this day last year, Nov 12 2007 that I registered in to log my running statistics. Exactly as of today I've run 1082.90 km. This was the time I started to run more seriously in and around colony parks.

Number looks little encouraging to me and by the end next year around this time I plan to close in on to 2500 KM. Though I've cycled enough but I've stopped logging about it. I'll be running the Ultra this Sunday for Asha and plan to do 25K in there.

Swimming still remains an elusive task and hopefully by 2009 I will learn to swim. So guys and gals get your arse off from the routine life and start running.

Check out my running log:

Santosh and his 24Hr run
Did an easy 5K today with Santosh from Asha inside Cubbon park. Mostly sticking to wonderful trails. Santosh will be doing this 24 Hour run and I'll be there full throttle to support him and partly to run with him as well. Way to go Team Asha !

Just starting to get a feeling that I should go for 50K. Lets see how things shape as the day unfolds this coming Sunday at the Ultra

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Kunal said...

24 hr run! go people go!!!!