Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Support me for Asha

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. As you know that I've been running for quite some time now. Next run on I'll be running for a cause, for Asha whose primary interest is in Education. I'm planning to run 25KMs Bangalore Ultra this year. I plan to raise around 500 INR for every KM I run.

Please feel free to fund me as I run for Asha. I've started the contribution on my own first by contributing $25. You are not in anyway obligated to fund but I'll be humbled if you can do so to the best of your capacity.

You can donate online from my Asha page:

Thanks for going through this post. Feel free to mail/comment in case you are interested to contribute by other means.


balsubu [A T] gmail [D O T] com

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Pulkit said...

What's the last date for making a contribution?