Friday, September 12, 2008

Cafe Arogya

Finally some decent place in Koramangla for the health conscious folks.

Cafe Arogya is located right next to Jyothi Nivas College (JNC) above "BrewHaha", on the Udupi Krishna Road. A lot of care is taken in preparing the food and for people with pretty decent appetite must try their wholesome meal priced at 100.

They have this juice started in tiny wine glasses equivalent to just a sip. They have this beetroot juice, wheat grass (argambillai in Tamil. Which we keep at Lord Ganesha) juice (added with honey), watermelon and almond juice. No added sugar. Some dry fruits and fruits. The menu keeps changing everyday.

The main course is pretty neat and tastes very good and is clean. You get this broken rice (red rice) with the barn. Highly recommended but old people may find it difficult to digest. The dry curry might have some traces of coconut but I guess they can avoid that as well. They use Olive oil for cooking some of the dishes.

They will give you these pamphlets and health notes on the food that you eat. See the one on wheat grass below.

My mom would love this place for sure. For regulars the price may be on a little higher side but definitely worth a try if you are looking for a simple and yet wholesome meal.

Official web link for Cafe Arogya

(Mobile Phone Pic Courtesy: Madan Tarun)

Bon Appetite !

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