Monday, September 8, 2008

Running for Asha

So the running season is back again and from my next run on I'll be raising funds for "Asha". Last saturday I met them up at Sanjeev and Anita's residence where they organised a session on how to go about this whole thing and also got to know about the projects in which the Bangalore chapter is invloved in. Check out here to know more: Asha Projects Bangalore

I've started to train with "Asha" folks and it has been good interacting and running with them. Here is their official training page: Click

We also have a Team Asha Blog going on.

I'm planning to do a full marathon this October, the Kaveri Trail Marathon . I'll try to reach each one of you personally for contributions. The idea is that I plan to raise Rs 500 per one kilometer (KM). You can fund me based on your interest and ability.

Here is the Bangalore Team Asha.

So if anyone of you is interested in raising for Asha just get in touch with me or any of the folks from the link posted in this post.

More on my runs and preparation will be updated in this page.

Keep Miling !


My Name: year of poems said...

Hey, sending you good luck all the way from Asha-Seattle. -E

Balu said...


Thanks for the wishes. Do drop by again!

RK said...

Noble effort. Let me know how I can contribute. I could sponsor 1 km of your run.

Balu said...

Wow... I'll get back to you personally on this very very soon.. Thanks RK. Just back from a Trek.