Friday, August 1, 2008

Trident Haveli - Kormangla

If you are looking for a Rajasthani and Gujarati delicacy combined in one single buffet then Trident Haveli in Koramangla is the place to be. It is a very very small place that can host 12-15 people. It is located within the Nandana Grand hotel in Koramangla 5th block (right opposite "Filling Station"). It is on the first sloor and the ambiance looks little cramped though well decorated. They are part of the "Ghar Ka Khana" group, Trident Hospitality.

To know more about them, check out their homepage and you can also check their daily menu. It is now priced at 100 plus taxes (surprisingly the tax here is @ 4%). The taste is very simple and nothing special as such. Quite a good number of variety and the rotis/pooris come in a tad slow. Guess the food is made elsewhere and is brought in here and the chapatis/rotis are heated before they are served.

There is unlimited "chaas" (buttermilk), kachori, some daily snack as well. Two types of dal and the Gujarati dal is mostly sweet in taste. Initially the prices were 80 + taxes but now it is 100 and may not be worth its price now. Last time when we checked in it was wonderful and they had ran out of "Chole". But this time the service was pathetic and the taste was just about okay. Things like soups were served almost cold, the finger bowl was not hot either. The "Thepla" (roti) was just heated and served to us for obvious reasons (as they don't cook anything it here).

Probably that is one of the other reasons I may not be giving a favourable review as the day when we went in here it was bad. So if you don't plan get biased then, yes you try this out for sure. The food taste is authentic as many of my friends who visited this place have said. So in Koramangla if you are looking for a Gujarati food with mix of Rajasthani then this a decent try.

Like the BJN group of hotels who run plush restaurants here in Bangalore, "Ghar Ka Kahana" chain is very healthy and home oriented food is available without much masala and oil. To know more about this group and their hotels, click here.

Until then, bon appetite !

(Pic courtesy: Bharath's new Nokia mobile phone camera)


Anonymous said...

Annayya sloor kaadu, floor.

Bhaskar said...

Man... mouth-watering!!!

you are reminding me of all the good food I'm missing out here in the US :(