Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movies in recent past !

Movies in the recent past couple of weeks.

Must see because I did not understand the nuances of poker or card games. Either read the Wiki entry before or after for a better understanding of it.

John Malkovich and Matt Damon steal the show with some histrionics from Edward Norton. I fiddled with the subtitles file for long only figure out the gross delay in the Audio and subtitles. You''ll like the theme in here and if you understand the game "Texas hold 'em" then you bet !

Catch the trailer below:

Sing is Kinng:
I liked it. Just chill and keep the brain out and you'll enjoy it thoroughly. Akshay Kumar all the way. Simple as that !

Bachna E Haseno:
I liked, no I didn't, well I think I'm liking it, hmmm...ummmm.. actually Not bad. That's how my moods were swinging when I was watching this. OK timepass flick.. wait for the VCD/DVD instead.

This is about Sardar Patel acted by Paresh Rawal. Must see if you have the DVD/VCD. Or order it from Shemaroo's website. They have the original rights for the movie. Awesome movie and many things you did not about how the Union of India actually was formed.

CID Moosa (Malayalam):
Simply awesome. I actually understood the entire movie. Very hilarious and situational comedy genre.


Princess Fiona said...

if ur into watching thrillers..u mustttttttt watch "vacancy"...its fucktabulous :)

oh..and 21 is also awesome...totally deserving....

Pulkit said...

I can't wait to rent the DVD of "Sardar". Thanks for bringing it to my notice!