Monday, August 4, 2008

Today and (last) Weekend Update

(Pic Courtesy from "The Hindu". I was just moved when I saw this)

I was mostly indoors the last weekend. Tried watch this movie "21 grams" but just left it within 20 minutes of start. Did an easy 10K on Saturday and went to the Wipro park in 1st block after a very long time for a cool down walk. Same old familiar faces and was very nostalgic. No energy drink this time so opted for coconut water. Biswa prepared Khicadi for us and followed up with Lasagna for dinner at Rendezvous.

Sunday morning started off for another easy 10K and then decided to run on my old route inside EGL. On my way back noticed some folks preparing for the RFL Urban stampeded with baton in their hand for the relay run. No I'm not taking part in this event and will be tapering for the Hyderabad Hi Tech Trail Marathon. So its going to be easy 5K from this week on and I'm sure I'll get back to weekday runs soon. Cook was in for lunch and dinner was at "Chung Wah" as Ritesh treated us over for his birthday.

Damien will be winding up his internship tomorrow and Labs will be hosting a farewell lunch today at Silver Metro in Total Mall. Just 12 more days left for the HYD marathon and I'm peeking at the right moment. Lot of sundry work this week !

Keep Running !


Pulkit said...

It really is a moving picture.

Digithought said...

sadly most of us look at many such incidents many times on road...