Friday, January 15, 2016

2015 Rewind & 2016 - The Year of Running !

Happy New Year 2016, and I hope this will be a great year on your fitness front.

2015 Wraps up
So we finally wound up 2015 with a trip Coorg and finally to Hyderabad.

Coorg and Nisargadhama

The Zoo at Hyd was kind a ok, most of the animals were asleep but we had a great walk though.
But it was a nice family outing

Ani had not seen Golconda, so we made sure we did a couple trip. The steps were kind a easy !

BTwin - Rockrider 340

Ani got me a nice cycle for cross-training and we zeroed in on Decatholon's BTwin Rockerrider 340. Seems a good cycle so far, but need to really do a long ride (~50Km) to see how it fits in.

So 2016 started on the right note with Ani playing hard for her first 10k run this year at Pinkathon.

She has been training hard clocking 5K in less than 40 mts. By year end she should be close to 9kmph.

I also caught with the fitness App bug and this time finally "Endomondo" seems a decent option.
Still I need an App where I do not have to manually say what activity I'm doing. Only Google Fit does this, but its a shame that I cannot share the logs - kind a "Un-Social" !!

As Zukerberg says, this is year of running and 365 miles is the target, so thats 1 mile a day !!

Until then, Happy Running and Cycling !!!!

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