Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ani - the new 10K kid on the block, Trip to Germany and Drive to Kanchipuram

So finally it took more than five years of marriage convince Ani and here she is finally doing her first 10K, and that too at a pretty good time, 1.11 (1 hr and 11 mts). Thanks to her office which organised this charity run for the employees and their family members !

In the hindsight, it wasn't that difficult but I guess the 5K runs which she used to do made her job easier, and of course the fine Bangalore weather. Its been my first 10k this year as well.

So what next, may be couple of more 10k in the next 12 months and in 2017 Mumbai half !

Germany, Munich and Austria Trek

I was in Munich just a week before the Oktoberfest and took some cycling tour from Marienplatz.

Just one guy and wonderful Bavarian ladies !

Trek at Austria

We drove down from Munich and had a great trek across this great lake.

Quick drive to Chennai and return via Kanchipuram

We drove to Chennai for just a day and while coming back visited the Ekambarnath temple. It is part of the pancha-bhootha (Five basic elements) forming the "earth/land" !

All in all things are stabilising on the weight front - still maintaining sub-80 ! The plan is to reach sub-79 by year end with those coming festival seasons to dodge for !

Until then, Keep Running !