Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wonderla, Chennai Again, Plantar Fasciitis, Voomero 9

So, finally some time to write 2014 summary blog. This year has been a comeback of sorts into running, a little injury.

Chennai Again

Chennai seems to be our new found holiday place. We were at Chennai for the third in this year. Unbelievable ! And seems like 2015 will also have Chennai - first in our itinerary.

 At the Grand Chola ! We had a great stay here over the weekend, traveling Shatabdi !

We finally ended 2014 with a weekend stay at Wonderla. Aadu enjoyed his rides at wonderla.
Its a pretty decent place for kids.

Even I tried one of the most easiest rides, and look below for my shouts !!

We stayed at the wonderla resort, which has kids activity room, heated pool, decent gym.

Good old cycling days. Rs 100 per hour.

The buffet breakfast was also good and so were the cycle rides.

Plantar Fasciitis

The small nag after the TCS run turned out to be plantar fasciitis. Probably weight or some jumping jacks had led to this. So most of my running took a hit the second half of the year. After trying a dumb orthopedic to Ayuervdeic massages, finally a neat youtube video helped me fix this problem.
The idea is to strengthen the muscle by following those stretches.

Currentyly from last few weeks I've started with my weekend runs at Lalbagh. I've tried few tappings and use a heal cup in my shoes. This helps relieve the pain.

I tried the below taping that helps. I use to before the run. Check the video for more details. You can buy leukoplast adhesive tapes (white color), size 5x5.

But this below stretch was the most useful to me. I did this for almost 2 weeks and I could see the results The below video exactly summarises my pain area as well.

 I tried the below foot massage with a hard tennis ball. This was also very useful.

Nike Voomero 9

Finally the Nike Voomero 9 turned out to be a great shoe for me. Coming to Nike feels good, especially if you are looking at some good cushioning. I've clocked close to 100 miles in this one things are pretty good so far. In fact I use this for my office wear as it helps me immensely during the day ( i generally do not use running shoes for office).

Sketechers Performace Go Walk 2 - Ladies

Ani also caught the running bug and she upgarded herself to Sketecher GoWalk 2 series. Seems like a great shoes for brisk walking and general walking. I'll ask her to review

Cross Training - EFX

We bought a cross trainer (EFX) so that I can do some cross training when I'm not running. This was from Propel Fitness and - CX 86 and with a good bargain. Have been using for 3 weeks now and seems good. Will review it later.

All in all 2015 should be the year of one half marathon, and hopefully a Mumbai full in 2016. Hope to meet the weight loss targets in next couple of months and improve upon endurance. On the travel front, couple of beach visits (Chennai and Kerala), drive to Hyderabad, Mysore Zoo and others are planned.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year 2015 !

-- Keep Running --- ABa

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