Saturday, July 12, 2014

Le Pondy

Before Aadu's school started, we gave a in a quick drive to Pondicherry.

Its almsot ~380KM from Bangalore. Haven't taken the Tirivanamali route as we were not sure about the road conditions there. So after lot of research, we took below route.

Bangalore - Pondicherry (380KM)

Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Vellore - (after ~15KM from Vellore) Take right towards Cheyyar - Vandavasi - Tinidivanam - Pondi
(Choose the above route in Google directions)

After crossing vellore, you will see a board pointing to Arcot (towards right). Do not take right here. Go further down, and then you will see again another board for Arcot. This is a tricky right, that goes a little zig zag. Just try to reach Cheyyar in the direction board.

We started at around 6.30 and reached by 1PM. Le Pondy another 10KM from Pondi town.
We used Google maps most of the times.

Le Pondy

This is a nice resort, outskirts of pondi. This has a private beach (you can say that). Thats the best part. They have a nice pool as well. A small play area for kids. Aadu loved beach and the pool.

The food was average. We spent most of our time at the resort.

We also gave a quick dash to Auroville and Mankkul Vinayakar temple.

Was planning a beach run but didn't.

Until next time.. keep reading....

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anjali gupta said...

Pictures are really good. :) A visit to Pondicherry, ideally, should involve a visit to the Gingee fort. Also, for travellers and tourists there are plenty of Pondicherry hotels to choose from.