Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is England

"This is England" is a British movie that revolves around the early 80's when race and ethnic related crimes were beginning to seethe in the UK.

(Trailer below)

The backdrop of the movie features the Falkan Island war between the Argentinians and the British.

The pink heads (aka skin heads) headed the crime against the brown. Something similar to dot busters who targeted Indian women who sported dot (bindi) in the US. The movie can be drawn parallel to what we are seeing down under (Australia).

The point I'm trying to drive is, what irks a local community in its microplasam is that they want their rights and needs to fulfilled. Any particular immigrating group which tried to establish its own identity or way of living is not accepted. We can see these things even within our country when people from different states start mingling with the local communities. This is where the "ghetto" kind of living spurts in where people of a particular community all live together as a group and sometimes their living conditions are not socially acceptable w.r.t its local community.

May be that's the way we all humans are. We just cannot withstand it ! More to ponder than preach !

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