Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maayandi Kudumbathaar - Tamil

There is this sudden burst of Tamil movies that I've been watching a lot these days and the one that makes me cry is "Maayandi Kudumbathaar".

Watch the trailer below:

The movie revolves around four brothers who are the sons of "Maayandi" and each one them of respect and admire each other. In days where brothers and sisters have so much friction this movie hits upon you to think and ponder. What we really miss today is this big combined family concept where life is full of activity. Property, prejudice and other matters makes it more complicated as well.

On the property front, I strongly believe one is not supposed to leave any property to its generation. This leads to the who dirty thing of hoarding money for its coming generations to survive. Neither take in any property nor leave anything for the next ones (that's my take) !

Being eldest in family is sometimes a boon and bane. The movie emphasizes on education as well wherein the one who is pursuing education is supported my the entire family.

The characters are well scripted and do their job perfectly. Nice folk song and dances and village fares can be seen. Very good movie and must see from my side !

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