Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team Asha 8k Run - Logisitics Meeting

(Meetup at my place)

The Team met twice, once in Ananya and next at my place to discuss and take stock about how we were doing in various aspects for the race at Valley School.

Nice "kutti" group that spends more time in digressing and coming back to the original intended topic later !

But then, all this planning and minute details helped. Fortunately this group really doesn't spend too much time in pondering to take a decision. Once taken we stick to it and we are like "open source" !

Finally the event went off very well and more on the race and event in a day or two visit the Team Asha blog!

Some media coverage for the event:
Citizen Matters, from Manjula Sridhar.

Come, run with us. Train, Run and Educate !

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