Monday, June 8, 2009

The 100KM Cycling Duo

Bike Bala Bike

We all talk, discuss and ruminate a lot about many things and set certain targets and goals. Long distance cycling has been a long pending activity and this Sunday we jammed for a big one.

Manjula and I have been planning some long distance ride for sometime and it was this Sunday that was waiting to happen. Thanks to her initiative, she was able to gather around eight of us.

The Route

(Entering Tamil Nadu)

We all met up at Sarjapur Road and started towards Sarjapur. Soon we crossed into Tamil Nadu towards Bagalur. From Bagalur we headed towards Jain Farms. The total distance was close to 35KM.

Jain Farms

Jain Farms is an amazing place to spend with family. Specially on weekends you'll find nice recreational activities and there are amazing trails for cycling and running.

The Gang

We had a great time folks and I hope this is just the start of our cycle trips. Six of them left back to Bangalore before lunch and only Manjula and I were left to leave post lunch.


As soon as we reached in we were served with south Indian breakfast. Looked like we earned it. Hot hot pongal was what I was looking for in the second round.


I tried some hand at pottery. The person who taught me was a retired school teacher and was doing this at his age.


My afternoon catnaps are almost never missed. Here is a pic below where you can see me taking a siesta.


Well then after a great short nap sumptuous lunch was awaiting us. Here is where we decided to make this trip a 100KM deal.

The 100KM Duo
(Warning: Some Math involved)

Manjula and I were left now to go back to Bangalore and we were hell bent to round it off at 100KMs. We had to cover around 24KM to make it 100KM. So we decided to go 12KMs towards Mallur. But immediately after 5KMs from Jain Farms the roads became pathetic. So we decided to go back towards Jain Farms. So of the extra 24KMs we had covered 10KMs. So we were left with 14 more KMs.

We moved towards Hosur from Bagalur now. Hosur is at a distance of 12KM from Bagalur. So we had to go until the 5KM (12-5 = 7) KM mark and then turn back towards Bagalur again (so 7+7=14KM).

As we started cycling towards Housr the roads were predominantly up hill and the wind was against us. Just making it all the more impossible. But we were determined and pulled and encouraged each other. It was getting tough but then we wanted to reach Bagalur badly and we did. This last 24KM took us almost two hours.

Winners are not quitters: There were some Plan-B options but we decided to stick to our original plan. The only concern was lack of sunlight and traffic. But then the idea was to reach Sarjapur by 6ish and we were there ON DOT. Had an amazing coconut water (Village style - No straws) and we were all charged up an it was just matter of time we were in Bangalore.

One-Arse Cycling

Have you ever cycled seated on just one side of your butt. Yes, I did as we moved into our 50+ Kms the arse was beginning to cave in and I had to find comfort by shifting my butt. As this was my longest cycle ride the endurance levels needs to be upped now.

To counter the pain we also decided to walk the uphill at some stretches. Must have walked close to one KM. Soon we reached the outskirts near Agaara lake and headed to our respective homes. Wow what an effort. Night was a big PITA (Pain in the A**) !

Reminded me of Saif Ali Khna's dialogue in DCH (Dil Chata Hai):
"Tumko kya lagtha hai, main takhiyein pe roj baitha hoon"
(What do you thin? Do I daily sit on a pillow ?)

Just the Start:

This is just the start and the next one is a trip to Nandi hills (70+70Kms) and by October reach Mysore ! Do you think we can do it.. well keep watching this wall !

Great cycling with you pal ! Lets do it !

More Pics in here:
Pic Courtesy for the blog: Manjula


Pulkit said...

Bravo! Glad to see you back to paddling :). Did you use your own Hero cycle for this 100 km ride?

Ramprakash said...

you haven't written about what *exactly* happened after the event! :D :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Bala,

I liked your post, am also trying to do some long distance cycling for the first time since school/college days. I participated in the recently concluded duathlon and finished with not so gr8 timings.
Was just interested to check if I can be part of your group on the next long ride. Drop me a reply at rajpanda at


Balu said...

Thanks for dropping by. Sure thing. Will catch up over mail !