Monday, December 8, 2008

Energy Bar: How to prepare one

Well the other day my mom tasted one my energy bars and went through the ingredients and came out with her own recipe of how to create one.

Its pretty simple as well:


* Oats (quaker oats)
* Raisins
* Brown Sugar (unrefined sugar)
* little butter (Amul types salted is also fine)
* Walnuts (Akhroot in Hindi)
* Cashews
* Peanuts
* Dates
* Honey

Heat butter in a pan and after it melts add honey and brown sugar and stir until it becomes like syrup and remove it from heat. Now mix this syrup with all other ingredients mentioned above in a separate bowl.

Fold this into a aluminum foil and freeze it for 5-10 minutes. That is about it. Simple and Easy. I'm sure this one would be packed with loads of energy.

You can use it as a quick breakfast filler as well.


skroderider said...

Good stuff!

Vandana said...

Simple recipe. Is there a good
(tasty) substitute for oats and dates?

Balu said...

May be use corn flakes, raisins, cashew, almonds, pista, little til ... all that you are doing is making it rich.. it can't get better than dates, can it !