Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One year

Aadu completed hid first birthday last july and life has been hectic as usual.

Here are some snaps of him taken at a photo studio:

With Aadu having started to walk and recognize and recollect certain people and objects, we are gearing up !

Now we have nicknamed him "Curiosity" - like the one in Mars. He is out there checking out and monitoring everything and grabbing the smallest of the things.

Now he enjoys playing soccer, coached by his granny. Will upload a video of it soon.

He enjoys going out on drives and like the Orion mall.

I've started to run again and my diet is back on track. Hopefully by Jan 2013 I must be back on the running map :)

Until next time..... some more pics !


Sesh said...

Happy Birthday Jr. Balu!!!

Nisha Rana said...

growing quick. looks taller already for 1 year :)