Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caker Baker

So what have we been up to ?

Baking cakes... Oh Yeah ! We've been trying to make a real good cake and for that fact we wanted to make a bread at home. After lots of googling and playing around with our convection microwave we made our first bread and then a banana pie+muffin.

Thanks to Ani who actually knead the dough the way we twist and mash the clothes during rugged washing. This was our first bread and came out very well.

This was made out of Maida (All purpose flour). Next we plan to use Atta (Whole wheat) and see how the result would be. Shall keep you posted !

Convection cooking works !


Thish said...

Will come some time and make ani bake a cake for me :-)

Haddock said... all the best with the Atta...