Friday, August 6, 2010

So whats cooking ?

Well then I mean it literally here.

Ani has been trying lots of recipes these days and we've tried almost every cuisine. Trust me ! Our penchant for home food keeps us busy and experimenting on weekends. Its been a great learning for us and slowly moving to settle.

Some of the things that she tried:
Peas Pulav, Methi Pulav, Sattoo Paratha, Makkai ki Roti, Methi Paratha, Dark Chocolate Cake, Banana Muffins, Falafel, Humus, Rajma, Ragda Chole, Kala chana, Pesarattu & Alum chutney, Besan laddu, Seedai & kodbole, Kheer and most of the south Indian dishes you can fathom (Pongal, Idli, Red Rice Idlu, Upma, Savige, Vangi bath, Kesari, Adai, Dosai,Ragi Dosai, Aval Akki, Akki roti, Ragi Roti, ...........)... the list goes on..

Of course, most useful inputs coming in from both the Moms have added that kosher effect.

Adios !


Thish said...

wow. dishes look enticing. will come some weekend and have a nice meal :-)

Vidhya said...

Sounds close 2 menu card. Happy cooking.

Vinodh said...

Ah.. they look delicious. Will taste it some time.. :)

Anonymous said...


Surya said...

When are we getting invited?