Friday, June 11, 2010

Honeymoon trip - Teaser

Bonjour ! So finally here are our Honeymoon trip selective snaps. It was a great trip and the best part was that we did the entire thing on our own without any tour operator.

At Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Under water aquarium - Dubai Mall, Dubai

Most of our trip was in Switzerland, couple of days in Paris (France) and around 8 hours in Dubai (UAE).

Ferry ride, Lucerne

Detailed blog entry will be available in couple of days.

No Guesses for this one... Eiffel Tower, Paris (France)

The entire trip was planned to perfection and it was eventful in many ways starting from Visa till we left Zurich (Swiss). We have lot more to share. So if you are planning a trip to Swiss you can drop in your queries here and we will be glad to help/suggest.

Disney Land, Paris

See you soon, Danke !

--- AB


thishyar said...

nice pics :-). Glad u had a nice time

Anu said...

Alors, Tres bien photos! Share more!

appuhari said...

Cool pics - cooler comments.