Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alvida - Tranquility 305

Finally it has been almost 4 years since I moved into Bangalore and to this Apartment in Koramangla, Tranquility 305. Today is my last day here !

My first job, first time with roommates and so many firsts.
It has been a great great time with roomies here. To put it, Awesome !

Thanks to Biswa, Vineel, Susheel, Ritesh and Ram who had been great roomies all this while.

Moving out...placed at Parking

All those parathas from our cooks, IPL matches, TV shows like Roadies and Big Boss, Balacony talks, Terrace walks, Running around the parks and tracks, silly neighbours, live graveyards ..... man, so many memories...

Miss you all guys, Will miss Tranquility.

Now moving into a new life and a new Avtar with Anisha !

Some moving out pics:


Digithought said...

dude....i was finaly plannin to stay with you guys...missed the opportunity to stay in tranquility...all the best...for the new beginning

Surya said...

At least you are next door. Come by again for dosa... BTW, I have pesarattu at home tomorrow evening.

Vidhya said...

From Traquility to what?

Pulkit said...

Where are you off to, man?