Saturday, February 20, 2010

2000+ KMs of Running and still going

So here it is guys, 2000KMs of running.
I started around 6.30AM at Basvangudi to do the left over 5 odd KMs. That's a nice finish and place to celebrate 2000KMs. There were another set of legs accompanying me post 2000+ Kms.

Check out my running log:

I started this log in November 2007 and in 27 months I've crossed 2K mark. Feels Good !

The idea is to do 1000KMs every year! So we are quadrupeds now (AB together)!

Keep Miling !


Vidhya said...

Wow! I didn't know you all kept track of the distance you run. Great. On the lighter side Ani's shoes are cleaner than yours. :-)

Ramprakash said...

Great stuff da :)

Thish said...

Nice achievement :-)Keep it going

Vandana said...

cool stuff Balu...and I'm totally impressed with Anisha...good start girl (umm...Bhabhi :))!!!

Balu said...


Thank you very much as I'll get your support forever.

- AB

Digithought said...

Way to go dude...proud of gut feelin says...5k is not far..

Vinodh's Blog said...

2K!! wow!
'We'endure in 2007?? something fishy!