Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking plunge into politics ?

Just back from a small sojourn from the Telangana region. I was there at Siddipet and Yadgiri Gutta (Telangana heart bed) last weekend.

Telangana surely looks like a serious event this time with scores and scores of prople joining the movement. Number registrations of vehilces bearing AP registration have been morphed either voluntarily or through force to "TG" - for Telangana. All the boards having "Andhra" word have been defaced to "Telangana".

Check the vehicle number above (Vehicle number smudged for privacy reasons) !

The heat is on and also the summer is slowly setting in.

Then had a quick darshan of lakshmi Narsimha swamy at Yadgiri Gutta, 3rd year in a row.

Politics and me, well NO-NO !!!


Vidhya said...

That's Subramanyaswamy types! a bit too much face decor than him though.

Ramprakash said...

Mapla, epic photo. You should frame this and hang the photo on your wall!