Saturday, October 10, 2009

Childhood and KV School pals

I was there in Hyderabad for my friend Sheetal and Ramji's marriage. It was great to see them get married and I've known Sheetal from my second standard and Ramji from college days. But this was also a time to catch up with college friends.

But what came as a neat surprise was that I found my KV pals. Pals with whom I studied from my first standard. It was total nostalgia and some of whom I met after 1997 !

(Rajesh, Hemanth, Dinesh, their Pal, and I)

We all went back to 1987 from our class teachers, girls, boys, embarrassing moments, joyous moments and many more. Idiosyncrasies of each of the teachers their methods of teaching and we getting beaten in their hands. wow.. so many things.

(Chutki, Vandy, Balu and Deepthi)
Of course caught up with the SVAD gang and the S in that gang got married today. Nice to meet up with so many of them at one shot.

Now the KV gang has decided to retrace each and everyone one of us and are planning a reunion some time soon. Lets see if we get this thing out.

Pic Courtesy: Vandy

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