Monday, August 31, 2009

Hyderabad Marathon and Old pals

The second edition of the Hyderabad Marathon went off very well. I did a half this time and the weather stayed good as it was raining the previous two days here.

Met couple of old pals and lab mates from IIIT Hyderabad. Vardhaman, Sesh and I (as seen in the above pic).

After around the 17th KM mark the incline gradually increased and around 7.30AM the sun was also setting in real hard. But all in all it went off very well but couldn't manage a sub 2 this time.

Lots of Hyderabad runners and also members of Team Asha, Hyderabad.

Nice hometown run and its always a great feeling to be back home ! The event was very well organized and all the logistics were in perfect place. Great job organizers !

More pics in here:

Keep Miling !

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