Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mumbai and Marathons

Last week I was at Mumbai and had great fun.

Thanks to Amit, I had the best darshan of the city. Food and hospitality: Thanks again to Amit. More detailed blog report later.

Finished the Mumbai Marathon !

(With Shumit and KP Suresh)

BTW, a week before that I finished the midnight (half) marathon as well. It was also an amazing experience.

Thanks to Pranam for the drop ! Way to go people !

All pics in here:
Running Related:
Mumbai Travel Related:
Mumbai Food Related:

My Pics from Amit's mobile cam:

Before I sign off, Amit is the person you need to catch up if you desire to see the true Mumbai (right next me in the above pic)!

Go people, go running !


Digithought said...

Way to go Balu. You did it!!!

KV said...

beard goes off finally!

Cool Pics man! Food pics were the best ;)

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Very cool! Just read this about your alma mater